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Dr Nisar’s Health & Glo clinic is a state of art Clinic with a fine blend of Clinical Dermatology and Aesthetic requirements, situated in the heart of Mangalore . Our centre is an advanced centre for clinical and aesthetic dermatology, equipped with the latest lasers and various other techniques.  

The Health & Glo skincare clinic is  specialised in treating and caring for skin and hair diseases. In our clinic, Dr. Nisar treats a wide range of dermatological disorders. It is our duty to recognise and treat skin conditions. 

For people with acne, we provide a range of treatments, including chemical peels, oral and topical medications, and acne extractions. Our homeo fusion technology equipment is mostly utilised to administer the newest and most effective treatments.

Our expert Dr. Nisar is the one who devised these inventions. Our clinic is the ideal choice if you're thinking about visiting one for skin treatment to achieve healthy, radiant skin.   



To empower people by providing cutting-edge dermatological care that promotes confidence and healthy skin. Our mission is to provide customized solutions that improve Mangalore's natural beauty and well-being.


We see Health & Glo as the go-to place in Mangalore for state-of-the-art dermatological care. We're dedicated to raising the bar for the industry and improving community health by providing outstanding skincare. 

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